Travel in the time of Covid19

Are you feeling cooped up at home, itching to get out again, but scared of becoming another covid statistic? You can socially distance while traveling by using alternatives to traditional flights and hotels. Here are a few travel alternatives to consider in the time of Covid19. That’s right, if you need to get away from other travelers, don’t stay at a hotel. You can find all sorts of alternative accommodations to socially distance including homes, tiny homes, campsites, or even RVs. Airbnb also offers local and online experiences, so you can try something new like a cooking or surfing class if the usual tourism options aren’t available. Another very popular place to find vacation rentals is Vrbo. They’ve specialized in renting entire homes for decades. Vrbo is a great option for families that need their own space and multiple rooms. They’re also good if you’re just looking for a nearby escape outside of your home or escaping the city to socially distance in nature. With international and even airline travel looking questionable, more travelers are turning to road trips. RVshare is a great site to rent a home on wheels. Bonus: use the trip as a test voyage to see if #VANLIFE is right for you. They have some sweet custom van set ups for rent and you can take them on a tour of those national parks on your bucket list.

Of course, make sure you look up your destination and comply with local travel restrictions before you hit the road. Get out there (safely)!

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